Infinity Aura

by Lemonjello Redenbacher on April 19, 2010

Jesus.  This lady on one of the mommy boards plans on naming her child this if it’s a girl (and Ever Raiden if it’s a boy).  She wants your opinion — but ONLY if it’s a positive opinion.  No negative comments please, she requests.

What’s the matter, Mommy?  Are you afraid that the truth will hurt too much?  Well, here’s the truth — these names fucking suck.  How’s that for positive feedback?  And tell little Infinity to get used to negative comments too.  She will not be able to tell her taunters to give her only positive feedback.  She’ll get much more negative than positive — and it will ALL be your fault.

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Surain October 20, 2011 at 12:29 pm

Haha, I always chuckle to m’self when I see board postings like that, where the Mother asks the World to only nice things, pretty please. The sad reality: Mom KNOWS that World will hate her baby’s potential name — she merely needs positive reassurance that she’s not a barking whackjob. But there are those of us who see through this flimsy, weeping veneer. I almost feel sorry for her.


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