by Lemonjello Redenbacher on June 29, 2009

To the untrained eye, this is merely another invented and misspelled piece of shit name.  But of all of the names that I’ve blogged about so far, this one sent up the quickest red flag for something NOT to name your child.  Why?  Read on…

The most important thing to think about (that couples never do) when trying to name your kid something “unique,” is, “How will the other kids use this concoction to make fun of my child?”  Try these childhood killers on for size:

Kaimen her face, Kaimen his mouth, Kamien her hair, Kamien his ass and left him lying on the prison cell shaking and sobbing — get the picture yet?  This name is a fucking nightmare for any child, boy or girl

Of course Mom and Dad will jump up and down and shout. “That’s not how you pronounce it!  It’s pronounced Kie-man!!”

Yeah.  Whatever.  Tell that to the 11 year old taunting your kid for the 100th consecutive day — I’m sure he’ll realize the errors of his mispronunciations and stop.

And for the cherry on top, I Googled this and it popped up in the Urban Dictionary.  The definition is as follows:


a saucy piece of meat that every imagineable form of life wants to get their hands on.  Example:  “Wow.  Did you see that Kaimen over there?  I’d fuck that!”

Need I say more?

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Yurik Hunt May 8, 2010 at 12:05 pm

Name a girl that and in high school every guy will be trying to bust her Kaimen!


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