by Lemonjello Redenbacher on June 19, 2009

McKinley is an awful name for a little girl.  Makinley is infinitely worse.

You see, McKinley was probably pretty cute the first 7 to 8 thousand times it was done.  Now, it’s just like McKenzie, Kaitlyn and Emma — WAY too fucking common.

So what’s the remedy when you just HAVE to name your little princess McKinley, because you have been planning on naming your little girl that since you were playing dollies in the sandbox?  Fuck the spelling up, of course!  That creates a whole new name that only YOUR little darling has.  She’s all cute and extraordinary and unique!  What a special girl Makinley is!

Yeah — because that’s what you want — an 8 year old that’s different from all of the other kids.   As if that’s not a breeding ground for childhood terrorism.  Rest assured these days that any name you give your little princess that begins with with the sound “Mac” and looks more like a last name than a first, will get her called a “snobby little cunt” more times than Paris Hilton.

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